Where to Find Cheap Apartment Rentals in Bellingham, WA


Bellingham postcode area 98225 rental costs fell in July compared to 2021, falling 11.89%, despite prices rising between June and July.

ZIP codes 98225 and 98226 both saw lower rental prices in July 2022 compared to July 2021, according to RentHub, a rental housing data company. RentHub reviews prices for houses, multiplexes and apartments of all bed/bathroom sizes.

Rental prices in the 98226 zip code averaged $1,900, down 15.56% since July 2021.

The median rental price for apartments in the 98225 ZIP code rose from $1,495 in June to $1,600 in July, according to data from RentHub. The median price in the 98226 zip code rose from $1,770 in May to $1,900 in July.

The median rental price for one-bedroom apartments in ZIP Codes 98225 and 98226, according to a Zumper.com report, did not change from June to July. However, the report ranked Bellingham as the 13th most expensive city to rent in the Seattle metro area in July.

If found, the median price for a one-bedroom unit was $1,300, while the median price for a two-bedroom unit rose 2.9% to $1,750.

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