VA could get $ 5 billion in legislation to modernize its facilities


TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) – The Department of Veterans Affairs may get improvements to its facilities thanks to a bill just passed through the House of Representatives.

The bill, called the Build Back Better Act, will now head to the Senate where some lawmakers are optimistic about its chances.

However, some veterans remain skeptical about the passage of the bill. Thousands of people have complained about the confusion and mismanagement of benefits.

Army veteran Jeremy Fay says the VA had to outsource his rehabilitation over his shoulder to a local civilian medical clinic because they were overcrowded.

“It’s a mixed bag, to put it simply,” he said.

“I was doing things that I hadn’t been able to do in years. So, I wanted to continue to rehabilitate my shoulder. The VA dropped the ball on the paperwork. You’re just trying to figure out which shape goes which person and that’s half the battle.

The bill would provide funds to upgrade aging facilities, rent more medical buildings, provide housing for the homeless and add more medical staff.

Army veteran and social worker Jeffrey Yarvis said that after receiving treatment and visiting several facilities across the country, this bill could actually prevent veterans from getting their health care elsewhere.

“As a result, I think the competition has made the VA understand that it has to do things to get them to choose the VA,” he said.

“So you see a lot of effort to get the veterans back and provide them with the best possible care. “

Regardless of what the future holds for the bill, Yarvis says something needs to be done.

“For someone who is both a veteran and a consumer of their health care system, this signal is a commitment to the sons and daughters of America,” he said.

The VA says that if the bill is passed in the Senate and proclaimed into law, the VA says it could take seven to ten years to complete construction.

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