US plan to modernize its UK nuclear weapons facilities ‘quietly’ slipped into DoD military documents, defense expert says


The US ability to store nuclear weapons in the UK is to be improved with new funds for military infrastructure, according to US defense documents.

Biden’s MoD 2023 budget request to NATO shows the military alliance has added the UK to a list of countries receiving $384 million in investments to stockpile “special weapons”.

In his article, Kristensen added that he does not believe this means a new deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe. This would not be in line with NATO’s “cautious nuclear response” to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Kristensen believes the airbase upgrade aims to “increase the flexibility of Europe’s existing nuclear deployment, without increasing the number of weapons.”

Arms Control Association executive director Daryl Kimball told the Guardian that the upgrade is “an early sign that the United States and NATO are preparing to engage in a prolonged standoff and perhaps increased with Putin’s Russia”.

He said the Biden administration “should provide clarity on the military necessity and goals for the eventual return of nuclear weapons to the UK.”


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