The Ukrainian Academy of Construction offers a format of 8-apartment buildings for rapid housing construction


Kyiv. May 26 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Construction Academy of Ukraine plans to implement a project for the rapid construction of housing in the form of eight-apartment buildings for Ukrainians who have lost their homes.

“Of course, large multi-storey housing projects initiated by the President’s Office and the Ministry of Regional Development, the restoration of infrastructure and engineering networks for such projects will not be implemented quickly. We proposed a more universal format of a residential building for local authorities – this is an eight-apartment residential building.We worked on about 30 sketches and reached the finish line on the approval of the documentation of the project, “said academician of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, director of the scientific and technical center Ivan Perehynets. at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.

According to him, cooperation with a number of local authorities is already planned for the implementation of the project, memoranda on the allocation of land have been drawn up. In addition, the experts have developed resource sheets for the project.

Perehynets pointed out that the construction of such houses would take about 60 days, which would allow people in need of housing to be quickly resettled. A small building area will allow the project to be implemented in the form of micro neighborhoods.

A special fund, International Construction Fund Ukraine, has been created to finance the project, the expert noted.

“I think we will start working on this in a month or two. I invite all local government leaders to apply to the Construction Academy on this,” Perehynets added.


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