The proposal aims to set a standard of care for drug recovery centers in Portsmouth


PORTSMOUTH, Ohio. (WSAZ) – A new proposal relates to drug recovery facilities and drug treatment facilities in the city of Portsmouth. Mayor Sean Dunne says he aims to set a standard of care to ensure the health and safety of residents in these facilities.

“There’s a consensus that bad facilities fail customers and they fail communities,” Mayor Dunne said.

Dunne says many aspects of care are only voluntary and he would like these to be enforced by law. The proposal would first establish a registration program.

“It will require a recording program so that we can establish who is here and what they are doing,” Dunne said. “Mandatory twice-weekly drug testing for those within six months of sobriety. We are adding a satisfactory supply of groceries and food for people in housing. We add free local transportation. Basically, what we want to make sure is that recovering people are taken care of. »

Aaron Wagner, COO of the Counseling Center, says he’s read the proposal and likes what he sees.

“Working carbon monoxide detectors, fire protection systems, emergency action plans,” Wagner said.

These are all aspects of health and safety that he says should already be tracked by establishments doing all they can to help their customers. He believes this legislation could deter those entering the industry solely for profit.

“They are looking elsewhere. You would like to think about mandatory standards and create a registration scheme right here in Portsmouth,” Dunne said.

The City Council is hosting a special session at the Portsmouth Little Theater on Saturday April 30 at 8.30am. It’s open to the public.

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