The change of name reflects the adhesion of the penitentiary establishments


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – The Nebraska Department of Corrections announced Tuesday that the Lincoln Correctional Center and Diagnostic and Assessment Center will now be called the Reception and Treatment Center. All future communications and reports will reflect this change.

Officials said the combination of existing facilities completes the first phase of construction on this campus. It includes the creation of a new admissions/reception area, the addition of 32 residential mental health beds, a 32-bed skilled nursing facility, a family visiting area, food service, restaurants, training of staff and administrative offices.

“Once all new construction and renovations are complete, RTC will become our center of excellence for medical, dental, and behavioral care,” said Scott R. Frakes, director of the Nebraska Department of Corrections. “We will have treatment and accommodation available in a centralized area, which will allow us to meet individual needs and provide the highest level of care. The new name reflects this goal.

As construction on the first phase of the project winds down, work continues to add 384 beds, designed to house those who need the highest level of security from the general population. The 384-bed project will be occupied by June 2022.

“Each project is specifically designed to meet the demands of our current population and has the flexibility to adapt to the changing demographics of those we manage,” noted Dir. Frake. “At just over 50 years, LCC and DEC were behind the times for restoration, and a prime example of where investing in a combination of new construction and renovations produced the best value for Nebraska ratepayers.”

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