The Anne-Frances: one of the most remarkable buildings on Monument Avenue | Richmond neighborhoods


Before focusing on managing his properties in the mid-1920s, Max Ruehrmund designed other apartment buildings in Richmond, including the Colonial Revival Halifax (1921) at 3009 Monument Avenue, as well as residences single family.

Among them is the house he designed for himself and his father at 3007 Monument Avenue (1920).

But the nine-bay-wide Anne-Frances building, with its elliptical portico and two-storey Corinthian columns, is perhaps its most important design.

“Columbus Lassiter had the means to build an upscale apartment building, and Max Ruehrmund showed some of his best work here,” Wagner said.

Architectural historians often describe Anne-Frances as a colonial revival, but at least some of her influences go back a little further.

“The elegant main elevation of the building has its DNA in the form of an Italian Renaissance palace, which would have a rustic first level and a noble piano“-” noble floor “, in Italian -” above, with additional floors, “said Wagner.

He added: “The wonderful details at ground level, with the heavy carved limestone arches of the portico echoing in the windows of the lower story, really catch your eye, and the horizontal reveals in the buff yellow brick add to the the wonderful depth of the facade. “


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