Subway passengers demand better facilities ahead of monsoon


CHENNAI: As the northeast monsoon is fast approaching, passengers of Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) have been asking for better service such as preventing congestion and roof leaks at stations.

Speaking to DT NEXT, a resident of North Chennai said: “My 50-year-old mum slipped and fell after accidentally stepping on a puddle of water at High Court tube stations during the relentless rains of it. two months ago.”

“With the monsoon season looming, CMRL should ensure that such accidents are avoided. Additionally, during recent rains, the roof of the High Court Underground leaked. With the arrival of many elderly and disabled people, all this should be resolved to avoid unfortunate incidents,” residents added.

Meanwhile, Mr Harish, a regular Tube passenger, points to the open platform at Guindy Tube Station. “Guindy metro station is open and during the rains there are chances that the platform will be flooded because of this. I ask CMRL to take this into consideration as well,” he added.

Meanwhile, CMRL began preparatory work in July to prevent flooding at city tunnel stations. The public transport system faced a test after stations were flooded during the 2021 rainfall.

Efforts to get a reaction from CMRL officials proved fruitless.


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