Strengthening apartment program program ready to be approved | North West Real Estate News


Two residential buildings in downtown Manchester should be approved at the meeting of planners next month.

The development of the Manchester municipal council concerns the construction of two residential apartments on land west of Rodney Street.

One of eight floors (68 apartments) and one of five floors (50 apartments), to form a total of 118 apartments, are planned.

It is also offered the erection of ten three-story townhouses, as well as a parking for cars and bikes, and a hard and soft landscaping including the public domain, access, sub-station and others associated work.

The proposal is the first project of the Housing Company ‘This City’ of the Municipal Council which aims to develop housing of high quality and low carbon emission for all Mancunians.

This is part of the increase in the city’s housing supply, which includes the supply of affordable housing.

Seven objections, support and two general comments, were received by the municipal council.

The objections include the concerns that the plans “would occupy a precious green space around Ancoats which there is very little” and that the proposal “would block the light”.

However, a letter of support is in favor of the regeneration of the area and development seems “good taste and appropriate”.

The report of an officer prepared before a meeting of the planning committee and highways of the Municipal Council of Manchester on September 1 recommended to approve the request.

“This proposal would positively contribute to the offer of new houses in the region by providing 128 apartments from a room as well as townhouses of three and four bedrooms,” added the report. 30% of new houses would be available for Manchester Living Ret. “


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