Starkville to demolish buildings deemed uninhabitable


STARKVILLE, Mississippi (WTVA) – The leaders of the city of Starkville have decided to demolish three dilapidated apartment buildings.

The buildings are located in the Brookville Garden complex on Everglade Avenue.

The city says the buildings are uninhabitable.

Mayor Lynn Spruill said the buildings had been a problem for some time and the owners had not attempted to make the buildings habitable.

Only one person remains in the dilapidated buildings, she added. This person will have seven days from the posting of a departure notice.

The mayor said residents had known about the demolition for several months.

Crime in the area adds to the dangerous nature of the buildings.

The city will rent the equipment to demolish the buildings itself. Spruill estimated the cost of the job to be between $ 30,000 and $ 50,000.

The city will attach a lien to the property so that its owner has to pay for it.


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