Security Guards in Newark Apartment Buildings: Ordinance Passes


NEWARK, NJ – A new local ordinance in Newark will address a common complaint in the city, a city councilor said: a lack of security guards in apartment buildings.

Newark City Council unanimously passed a city code amendment on second reading last week that will require all apartment building owners and developers to have at least one security guard present for every 150 residential units. .

The new rule applies to both public and private housing, according to a statement from City Councilor LaMonica McIver, who introduced the ordinance.

McIver said:

“What this means for the owners of all public and private housing buildings in the City of Newark, considered as a single development, building and / or complex, is to have at least one security guard on duty 24 hours a day, each day of the week, consisting of one security guard armed for eight hours per day and one unarmed security guard for the remaining 16 hours per day, for 150 residential units in said subdivision, building and / or complex (i.e. (i.e. for 300 residential units, two armed security guards units must be provided for eight hours and two unarmed security guards for the remaining 16 hours per day, during each day of the year).

“Residents of current and future large complexes will now have the necessary level of security, which will provide the additional security and peace of mind that residents have requested,” said McIver.

“The hope is that the necessary number of security guards will deter crime in and around the properties,” the city councilor said.

“I am also proud of the additional amendment added, which will allow the court to have discretion and take into account the recommendations of the director of public security in making decisions to improve security measures when there have been security issues in a subdivision, building and / or complex, ”McIver said.

The new ordinance is expected to be a big victory for people who live in tall apartment buildings in Newark, according to the Colonnade Residents Coalition, which posted a video on social media in support of it.

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