New student housing and dining facilities planned by Maynooth University


New student accommodation and restaurants / cafes have been offered by Maynooth University (MU), it has been confirmed.

Planning permission documents show that MU, with the addition of its director of campus and business services, Michael Rafter, has sought permission from Kildare County Council (KCC) for a number of proposals at Buckley House , Parson Street, Maynooth.

The application of MU is new, but is also classified under the label “term extension”.

The proposals are described as follows: development at Buckley House, Parson Street, Maynooth, and land behind Buckley House (total site area 0.303 ha) with frontage on Leinster Street, Maynooth.

The development will consist of: The demolition of the remains of five abandoned outbuildings and sheds and the construction of a mixed-use development (total area of ​​4438 m²), comprising student accommodation and two restaurant / café units.

In addition, MU is seeking permission from KCC for the development which will include seven covered off-street parking spaces on the ground floor (with vehicle access from Leinster Street only), 150 bicycle spaces, closed garbage stores and a technical room in a 3-storey courtyard. 3rd floor penthouse level glazed building, one story glazed link extension to Buckley House and associated landscaping, ancillary site development work including flood relief work.

Other proposals include: a restaurant / cafe unit (104m²) with an outdoor terrace overlooking Leinster Street and a restaurant unit (total area of ​​328m²) to include catering and change of use residential to Buckley House restaurant use (168 m²); a new one-story glazed link extension (160m²), outdoor dining terrace and landscaped public open space (407m²) with access from Parson Street.

It is noted in the application that Buckley House and its patio are a protected structure and that the restoration work will include new floors, doors, windows and roofing, where applicable, as well as associated landscaping and site work.

Student accommodation:

Student residence comprising 117 rooms on the ground floor, first, second and third floors to include 70 single study rooms with bathroom (15 m²), 45 single study rooms with bathroom and kitchenette (15 m² ), a single study room accessible to people with reduced mobility with bathroom and kitchenette (20 m²) and a one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor (43 m²), in addition to the associated shared kitchens, television and common rooms with private access on the ground floor to the 2-storey atrium (166 m²).

Other options include: a gym (31m²) and an outdoor courtyard (total area 280m²), accessible from the main entrance on Leinster Street and the side entrance from the lane at the back of Buckley House, as revised by other important information consisting of revised plans and elevations with the following modifications: part of the existing curved garden wall to be retained and incorporated into a new curved structural glass screen and roof light from entrance to the Buckley House restaurant extension.

The receipt date is indicated as November 30, 2021, with a submission deadline of January 12 and a due date of February 2, respectively.

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