More than 100 displaced after City of Mayfield condemns and evacuates apartment buildings


MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) – More than 100 people have been displaced by the city of Mayfield following the condemnation and evacuation of Mayfield Gardens Apartments on Friday.

The news came from Mayfield Heights building manager Braden Thomas, who condemned the building, located at 1585 Mallard Dr., at 4 p.m. on July 8, sources told 19 News.

Until the building makes the necessary repairs, the units cannot be occupied by tenants, which leaves many people worried.

Marvin Axelrod said he didn’t expect to have to leave his home.

“I could try to stay here tonight to save some money but technically I’m supposed to be out of here but I can go to Macedonia where there are places I can afford.”

The 80-year-old veteran is just one of 100 to 160 residents due to leave Mayfield Gardens apartments immediately. The city writes in a letter that the structure is unsafe, unsafe and unsuitable for human occupancy.

After speaking with several residents, a 19 News crew visited the rental office and spoke with management who said they were not permitted to speak on camera.

Here’s what we know:

1.) Now that the buildings are condemned, no one can occupy the units until the repairs have been made.

2.) There is no timeline for when these repairs will be completed. This can be short-lived or permanent if the issues cannot be resolved.

3.) Residents may be summoned and compelled to appear in court if they fail to comply with these orders.

4.) No one said anything about the cost of all of this, including moving costs and rent reimbursements.

For now, these residents are packing their bags, unsure of their future at Mayfield Gardens.

“I can live in a motel if necessary, I don’t want to. I have things here, I cook breakfast, I cook. I cook my own food, I don’t even do fast food,” Axelrod said. “It’s our house, we don’t have it anymore,” he said.

19 News has contacted the City of Mayfield Heights for comment.

This story is ongoing and will be updated as more details are released.

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