More than 100 Connecticut long-term care facilities fined for failing to meet vaccine declaration mandate – NBC Connecticut


More than 100 long-term care facilities in Connecticut are facing fines for failing to comply with state employees’ COVID-19 vaccine reporting mandate.

The state’s Ministry of Public Health has started imposing civil penalties on long-term care facilities subject to Decree 13F.

The places included in the decree are nursing homes, assisted living service agencies, managed residential communities, residential care homes, chronic disease hospitals and intermediate care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities (ICF / IID).

Governor Ned Lamont’s decree required these establishments to submit reports attesting to each location’s compliance by September 28.

Of the 643 long-term care facilities targeted by the order, 101 facilities, or 16%, had not reported to DPH as of Nov. 12, the department said.

DPH officials said 59 facilities submitted overdue attestation reports while 101 other facilities did not. In October, DPH imposed a total of $ 221,000 in civil fines on 26 of 59 establishments in the “Late reporter” category.

Each long-term care facility is liable to a fine of $ 5,000 each day it fails to file its attestation report, with the exception of residential care homes which are liable to a fine of $ 500 each. day.

The DPH estimates that they imposed a total of $ 19 million in fines on long-term care facilities that failed to submit the necessary documents.

“The failure of the facilities to report EO 13F compliance is unacceptable,” DPH Commissioner Manisha Juthani said in a statement.

“With the holidays and colder weather approaching, we expect COVID-19 cases to increase in the community, increasing the chances of COVID-19 cases increasing in long-term care facilities. . These immunization mandates are in place to protect not only patients and long-term care residents, but also to ensure the health and safety of staff, their families and colleagues, ”she continued.

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