Himalayan Pride residents move consumer court to demand better facilities


GreNon: Residents of Himalaya Pride, a residential company in Greater Noida West went to consumer court against the builder on December 15, 2021. Due to the absence of the builder or its representatives at the consumer court, the hearing was adjourned until January 21, 2022..

There is a long list of complaints that locals have that they have decided to take to consumer court. Residents shared that the apartment towers needed an urgent paint job and the driveway road needed to be fixed as soon as possible. Residents point out that they pay a maintenance fee of 2 rupees per square foot, but the builder does not even provide basic facilities in the company.

One of the main concerns of residents is the perceived lack of security in the residential complex. One of the residents spoke of a case of theft of a car tire, which was recently reported to the company. For better security coverage, residents are requesting more CCTV cameras from the housing company.

Some residents have raised concerns about the emergency doors in the building, which residents say remain locked at all times.

Ownership of apartments started in the Himalaya Pride company started in October 2018. The company has 5 towers and about 900 families live in the company.

A resident who wishes to remain anonymous shares that for the past two years water charges have been included in maintenance but suddenly the builder has started charging residents for it.

Naresh Nautiyal, 51, a resident of the company said: “The builder promised us a lot but there was no fulfillment. We pay the full amount of the maintenance fee but in return no maintenance work has been done in the company.

Another resident, Abhishek Shrivastav (37) said: “In the name of maintenance there is no service. The generator load must be increased. Every day we are faced with electricity problems in society.

The builder sold the company’s common space on behalf of the parking lot. The towers need to be repainted. The condition of society is getting poorer every day. “

Devraj Chauhan, an attorney representing the residents said: “The date of the second hearing is extended due to the absence of the builder, we are awaiting the builder’s response.”

CitySpidey tried to contact the builder but there is no response from them. We will update after receiving any feedback from the manufacturer side.

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