Heber City eases requirements for rental of accessory apartments


Heber City Council made it easier for residents to use accessory units for short- and long-term rentals when they voted in city council last night (Tuesday).

The vote was 3 to 1. Heber City Councilmember Rachel Kahler was the dissenting vote.

Kahler supports the 2008 code allowing people to earn money on their home by renting out a portion. She said it has the potential to help solve the severe housing shortage in the Heber Valley.

“What changed was this last legislative session, the state legislature passed a statewide secondary suites ordinance that we then had to comply with our 2008 ordinance to meet their requirements. requirements for a few slightly different things, not a lot but enough that we would open save it to review our existing ordinance and then bring it up to state code. “

State regulations (HB 0082) allow accessory housing units or ADUs to provide a parking space. Heber’s 2008 code required two parking lots on the property. Kahler is concerned about winter conditions and street parking, as well as a few other issues.

“The state allows secondary suites to be long or short term rentals. So one of my concerns and the reason I voted no to the ordinance that was ultimately passed was that I don’t want to create a scenario where we have all of these nightly rentals and don’t allow one-year contracts.
Kahler said the legislature does not allow the City to regulate who lives in the ancillary unit. The 2008 ordinance limited occupancy to 2 adults. The City is authorized to ban ADUs on lots less than 6,000 square feet, and it can ban ADUs in mobile homes. She is concerned about other changes approved by the board.

“I see just down the road, we’ll go back to this ADU ordinance and maybe try to see how we enable affordable rentals and still have this ADU ordinance in place. And the second area of ​​my concern was, I’d like to see ADUs with their own entrances. I think it is important that landlords and tenants have space separation, and my fellow council members didn’t think it was that important and adopted it without needing of a second entry or their entry. “

The ordinance requires residents to purchase a settlement permit to rent an ancillary unit on their property.

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