Detachment recommended to allow the construction of three apartment buildings in the Laurentian Valley


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LAURENTIAN VALLEY – A development that will see the construction of three residential apartment buildings in the township has just cleared another hurdle.

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At a February 1 public meeting on an official plan amendment, the Laurentian Valley Planning and Emergency Services Committee approved a recommendation to redesignate the land, with access from Robinson Lane and Heather Street near of Home Depot, to allow for the severance of approximately 1.4 hectare lots where the apartment buildings will be built. The developer, Laurentian Valley Grains Inc., has also retained larger land for future mixed-density residential development.

Forbes Symon, Principal Planner at Jp2g Consultants Inc., participated in the public meeting and spoke on behalf of Laurentian Valley Grains. He noted that the design of the buildings has not yet been completed, but it is expected that the development could include between 140 and 150 units. He also noted that there were plans to designate some units as affordable housing, which Warden Debbie Robinson was happy to hear, as she said there was a need for affordable housing in the Laurentian Valley, County of Renfrew and across Ontario.

“I’m excited to see the potential for three apartment buildings being developed here sooner rather than later,” she said. “There is a problem for many people in affordable housing in our area. We have seen the migration of people from southern Ontario to rural Ontario and particularly here, and the availability and cost of rental housing is certainly beyond the capabilities of many people.

Com. Chris Pleau said he had no concerns about the development and was happy to see something happen on this property, but he wondered how the stormwater management and drainage would be handled, but Township planner Lauree Armstrong and Symon agreed that is something that would be addressed as part of a more detailed design and site plan agreement.

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Armstrong said the township had not received any written comments from members of the public prior to the meeting, but there were a few phone calls from residents asking for clarification on stormwater management and drainage for future development.

Laurentian Valley Mayor Steve Bennett said he looks forward to working with the Smith family on this project and would like to see it come to fruition as soon as possible.

Council will pass a by-law on February 15 approving the official plan amendment and it will be forwarded to Renfrew County, which is the approving authority.

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