Cozad innovates on the site of the old school for new apartment buildings | Local


“These new units are ideal for the elderly, small families, or anyone looking for something low cost and low maintenance, but with great amenities,” said Hosick. “When they move, it becomes a new option for another family or a young professional who comes to town.”

To secure project funding, the Housing Authority worked with Cozad Development Corp. to apply for funding of $ 500,000 under HOME Investment Partnerships through the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. A federal program, HOME is the nation’s largest source of rental development funding targeting low- and moderate-income households.

“Cozad probably could not have started this project without the support of the Department of Economic Development and the HOME program,” said Jennifer McKeone, Executive Director of Cozad Development Corp. “HOME and other state resources have played a major role in our community in helping us pursue our vision of economic growth. “

Meanwhile, Mesner Development was able to secure a low-income housing tax credit to offset the cost of construction.

“The state has done a tremendous job of investing resources to enable progressive communities like Cozad, where there are a lot of job openings and economic potential, to meet the financial challenges associated with housing growth,” said Kathy Mesner, whose company has a proven track record. innovative design and construction in rural Nebraska, including those involving creative reuse.

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