Construction underway of new facilities at Inverness Golf Club


The sounds of the season are a little different this year at Inverness Golf Club.

The grounds are being transformed as new resort-like facilities, including paddle and pickleball courts, indoor golf simulators, a sports bar and an ultra-casual dining area, are under construction.

Over the past several months, construction crews have been laying the new courts, pouring the foundations for the new building and beginning to create an outline of the footprint of the new center court.

“It is an extraordinarily exciting time at Inverness Golf Club,” said managing director and chief operating officer William Skelnik.

Current club chairman Kerry Lavelle added that the colder weather, which marks the end of the golf, tennis and pool seasons, will no longer limit club activities.

“With the addition of the new golf courses and simulators, our members can stay active year-round,” Lavelle said, while acknowledging the work that has gone into planning the additions. “Our members took a very active role in determining what features we should add, and the Village of Inverness and other government entities worked with us to get to the point where construction could begin.”

Construction progress can be seen by following @igcgolf on Instagram.

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