Can’t fine dog parents if there are no facilities provided: animal activists at Delhi civic body


Animal activists have objected to the Delhi civic body’s decision to fine dog parents who failed to register their pets, saying it is illegal to issue fines without provide facilities.

There is an increase in dog bite cases in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad. (Photo credits: PTI)


  • Delhi’s civic body has urged dog parents to register their pets or else a fine will be levied
  • The decision was made in light of the increase in cases of dog bites
  • Animal activists say it is illegal to issue fines without providing facilities

Shortly after the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) asked dog parents to register their pets or pay a fine in light of the rise in cases of dog bites, campaigners said that it was illegal to impose fines without providing facilities.

Rising cases of dog bites have led to clashes between dog parents and Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) or Apartment Owners Associations (AoAs). Many dog ​​parents have complained of harassment, and authorities have issued notices to AoAs for allegedly harassing dog parents and issuing illegal fines.


Delhi’s civic body has issued a warning to dog parents asking them to register their pets or they will be penalized. On the other hand, opposing the action, the activists said that it is illegal to give a fine without providing any facility.

“The municipality cannot impose any fines or charge fees without providing facilities for dog parents. No fee can be charged without providing facilities such as dog park in each ward, dumpster in dog park, free rabies vaccination for pet dogs. Without such facilities, demanding a fine or fee is against the law,” said Abhivan Srihan, renowned animal rescuer and founder of Fauna Police.

“Authorities imposing fines must be held accountable for not providing such facilities. There must be a common two-way interest in the betterment of society and in creating a balance between dog parents or dog lovers and residents. One cannot continue to target parents or dog feeders without providing them with any facilities,” Srihan said.

Similarly, Kaveri Rana Bhardwaj, animal rescuer and founder of SMART dog sanctuary, said: “Authorities are not allowed to charge fees or fines until they provide a solution to the problems. If the authority asks a dog parent to pick up their dog’s poop, where will they go if there is no poop dumpster in the locality? If there is no dog poop area, where will the dog’s parents take them? Before deciding whether to charge a fee or impose a fine, the authorities will have to deal with such issues.

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