Boston apartment deals: 6 neighborhoods to explore right now


Boston’s apartment market remains one of the most expensive in the country as of early 2019. But some neighborhoods are significantly cheaper than others.

Plus, they tend to offer a relatively large inventory to suspicious and weary-looking future tenants. Use of research site data RentCafé, here are six neighborhoods to check out if you’re looking for a Boston rental deal this winter.


Roslindale might be the best deal for market-priced apartments in Boston right now. Average rent is $ 2,265 in January, 25% below the overall Boston average, and available studios can be purchased for as little as $ 1,824 on average. A room averages $ 2,182.



In Roxbury, the average rent is $ 2,283, 24% lower than the Boston average of $ 3,020. Studios cost an average of $ 2,127 and available one-bedroom rooms $ 2,195. Roxbury is also more central than Roslindale.

Jamaica Plain

The average rent in Jamaica Plain is $ 2,610, or 14% less than the Boston average. Studios average $ 2,359 and one-bedroom apartments cost $ 2,491. Also, if you are looking for parks and proximity to the Orange Line, JP is your best bet.

Boston East

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Eastie probably has the best deals on studios, with an average rent for these small units of $ 1,799. The overall average for apartments available in East Boston is now $ 2,633, 13% lower than the Boston average. One-bedroom apartments cost an average of $ 2,365.


The largest Boston neighborhood by area has the same average rent as East Boston. The real deal in Dorchester could come from its two bedrooms: there the average is $ 2,750, cheaper than any other area except Roslindale, Roxbury and JP.


The neighboring pair have an average rent of $ 2,706, 10% less than the Boston average. Studios cost an average of $ 2,016 and one-bedroom apartments cost $ 2,615.

Incidentally, once you get past Allston-Brighton, which is very popular with college students, you find neighborhoods with higher, sometimes much higher, average than the Boston average. Charlestown, for example, is the second cheapest on average; but the average is 3 percent above the Boston average.


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