Apartment Rentals in These CT Cities Among the Highest in the U.S.: Report


CONNECTICUT — Residents of Stamford and New Haven pay the 25th and 51st highest rents in the nation, respectively, according to research by Rent, a nationwide online rental housing search engine.

The average rent paid in Stamford was $3,390 last June, an increase of 28.61% from June 2021, according to the report of the 100 most expensive cities to rent an apartment compiled by the site. Average rents in New Haven have climbed 25.14% over the past year, to $2,840.

For its analysis of cities with the highest rents, the online company pulled data from its multi-family rental inventory for one- and two-bedroom units from June 2021 through June 2022. Cities with populations under 50,000 were excluded.

Tenants in southern and western cities with warm climates are paying some of the highest rents in the country as the most expensive rental markets have shifted, the report said.

Jersey City, across the Hudson River from Manhattan, has the highest rent – about $5,500 per month, up from $3,308 per month in June 2021. That’s an increase of more than 66%, the third highest rate of increase in the analysis.

Boston, where the average rental rate rose to $4,878 in June 2022 from $4,164 the previous year, has the second-highest rent in the nation. Rent rose 17% during the year, a modest increase compared to most of the rest of the country.

The #3, #4 and #5 cities for the highest rents are all in California – Palo Alto, Glendale and Santa Monica, respectively. Each has seen double-digit rent increases.

Although Boston’s 66% rise in rent prices was high, two other cities saw larger increases. Rents in Pflugerville, Texas, a suburb of Austin, jumped more than 126% last year, and in Redmond, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, where rents rose just over 86%.

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Both Austin and Seattle have thriving tech companies. The report says many of the cities with the highest rents are near major tech hubs. High industry wages and steady growth during the pandemic have kept rents high and rental supply low in these markets, the report said.

The average rent fell in nine cities, but they are still among the places with the highest rents in the country, according to the report. For instance:

Rent in Hollywood, Florida fell 19.10%, but the average rent there was still $1,982 in June. Rent fell an average of 5% on the year in Reno, Nevada, where the average rent was $1,936 in June.


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