Altru and Edgewood make progress in new facilities in Grand Forks – Grand Forks Herald


GRAND FORKS — Two new health care facilities are currently under construction in Grand Forks and both are reporting progress through 2022.

One, the new Altru Hospital, is scheduled to open in 2024. The other, the new Edgewood Assisted Living Community, is scheduled to open on April 1 this year.

For Altru, the project is carried out by PCL/Community, a joint venture, as well as JLG Architects and HPLEX, with a budget of 380 million dollars. It recently completed the planning and site preparation phase, and construction of the structure resumes this month.

In December, Annie Bonzer, director of marketing and public relations at Altru, said the weather would play no role in the resumption of construction.

“We expect to resume steel work in January once the described site preparation steps are complete,” Bonzer said. “Construction crews are used to working in the winter months, so we don’t expect any noticeable weather disruptions. We are still at 18% on the structure, (but) that will change quickly during the steel construction. »

The hospital, which will span seven floors, will have 226 licensed patient beds, a 16-bed observation unit and a negative pressure unit.

The project originally began in June 2019. Construction was delayed to April 2020 to focus on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, 2022 was the estimated completion year, but the delay pushed it back two years.

The Edgewood facility, dubbed its “newest flagship community,” has been under construction for 18 months. It will also house the Sanford Health Campus, where residents will be able to access Sanford’s medical resources. The new facility will provide personalized memory care and support services to seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

“A significant part of it is connected to the Sanford Health Clinic,” said Phil Gisi, president and CEO of Edgewood Healthcare. “We are connected to the Sanford Clinic which opened in August (2021) and then in the building as well there is physical therapy and other clinical space that doctors can use to see patients. Part of what we do as a company, if possible, is try to keep people out of the hospital (and) out of the ER. So, as a company, we provide many more services than typical assisted living facilities. ”

The facility will have 144 units, which Gisi says could accommodate around 160 residents at any one time. In addition to being brand new, the facility has an expanded “main street” area for residents to enjoy with their families and each other. Some of the amenities that the assisted living facility will provide to its residents include a movie theatre, cafe, chapel and fitness center.

When it comes to COVID-19, Gisi said a new facility naturally makes it easier to manage flares, but caregivers are generally making the difference in efforts to keep everyone healthy.

“We also do this in Parkwood with Altru, and we do this in East Grand Forks with Sanford, but we have doctors who are in-home providers in our buildings so their home visits are in residents’ apartments,” Gisi mentioned. “And that helps with COVID, we’ve seen, across our portfolio, because if someone gets COVID, in most cases hospitals can’t see it unless it’s really very sick. This therefore allows us to provide more care to residents directly in their own apartment. »


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